Dr Matthias Rzeznik

Doctor Matthias RZEZNIK practices in Lille (FRANCE) an exclusive activity in periodontology and oral implantology.

The integration of a master’s degree specializing in periodontics in 2010 has enabled him to combine clinical research with practice. He completed his training with a European inter-university diploma in oral implantology from which he graduated with distinction in 2018. Former hospital-university assistant at the University of Paris for 4 years, he is also the author of numerous clinical publications, scientific articles and a specialized book on periodontics published by Quintessences in 2021.

He has developed a philosophy of periodontal treatment based on prevention and the implementation of minimally invasive therapies. With many years of experience as an international trainer and speaker, he draws his motivation from sharing and exchanging experiences between colleagues to inject (improve?) a new vision into periodontics.