Clinical and scientific evidence: the focus of Regedent since its foundation

We invest a significant amount of effort to make sure that our products & solutions not only meet international and national regulatory standards but also further scientific and clinical research for our regenerative products and solutions. These investments ensure that:

• we provide solutions meeting high safety standards.
• we offer our customers and team members a deep understanding of our products.
• we continually bring to the market innovative solutions to better help clinicians and their patients.

Our special formulations of hyaluronic acid, Hyadent BG, have been thoroughly researched in partnerships with international experts from universities and private practices. We keep on investigating these products further to evaluate their benefits for further indications.

Our specialty: tissue regeneration for dental surgery

From the start, Regedent has been founded by a team of experts in the dental regenerative field. Based on these competencies and the scientific investments done since the foundation, the company benefits from a positive reputation with a strong point about the quality and credibility of its regenerative solutions. The investments in research kept on being substantial since its foundation in 2013.