Despite thorough hygiene measures, in many cases, infectious diseases like mucositis, shallow peri-implantitis as well as severe periodontitis cannot be successfully controlled non-surgically and require invasive interventions.

The CLEAN&SEAL® non-surgical therapy contributes to shifting or avoiding surgery in cases of mucositis, shallow peri-implantitis, and severe periodontitis.

What is the CLEAN&SEAL two-step non-surgical therapy?

The CLEANing with the diluted hypochlorite sodium (0,5%) gel (PERISOLV) used in conjunction with mechanical debridement contributes to weakening the biofilm, dissolving granulated tissues, and impacting the bacterial load. To be able to get the appropriate level of cleanliness, the gel is applied for at least 60 seconds, the mechanical debridement is carried out, and then the pocket is rinsed with a physiological solution. As long as the rinsing solution contains the debris of biofilm and tissues, the CLEANing cycle is repeated. For severe periodontitis this can take up to 3-4 cycles, for peri-implantitis this can take up to 7-8 cleaning cycles.

When the pocket is clean, then secure the healing by instilling the gel made out of cross-linked and linear hyaluronic acid (hyaDENT BG) into the pocket. This hyaluronic acid gel will contribute to protecting the wound from oral pathogens and speed the hard and soft tissue healing.

CLEAN&SEAL contributes, not only to reducing pocket depth (PD) and Bleeding on Probing (BoP) after only one non-surgical handling but impacts positively the clinical attachment (CAL) and recession (REC) levels. As such CLEAN&SEAL contributes to enhance hard and soft tissue condition rapidly, possibly leading to minimizing or avoiding surgery in case of severe periodontitis, peri-implant mucositis, and peri-implantitis.