Title : How to avoid surgery in cases of severe periodontitis and peri-implentitis? From science to the clinic

Speakers : Dr. Eglė Ramanauskaitė

Date : Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Location : Zoom

Language : English, Italian and Spanish.


The complete removal of plaque and subgingival tartar is essential for the success of non-surgery aimed at reducing or eliminating the pathogenic species responsible for periodontal diseases. However, factors anatomy, skill of the operator and patient conditions may prevent total removal. Studies indicate that up to 30% of the subgingival root surfaces treated can remain contaminated.

Therefore, the use of additional antimicrobial materials during instrumentation is recommended. The “CLEAN&SEAL” concept, using sodium hypochlorite/amino acid (PERISOLV) and cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel (hyaDENT BG), was proposed to improve clinical outcomes, reduce pathogenic bacteria, and promote tissue regeneration, reducing the need for future surgery.


Eglė Ramanauskaitė portrait 2023

Dr. Eglė Ramanauskaitė

Eglė Ramanauskaitė received her Master degree in Odontology in 2008 in Kaunas University of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania. 2017 finished 3 years post-graduate program in Periodontology, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania. Since 2017 dr Eglė continues her education in PhD program, which is dedicated to the application of hyaluronic acid in non-surgical periodontal therapy.

Dr Eglė works in a private practise as well as teaches periodontology undergraduate dental students in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Egles research focuses on non-surgical periodontal therapy. She has published her research in international peer-reviewed journals, is a presenter in Dental congresses nationally and internationally, organises courses of professional developement for dental professionals.