Current state on biologics (EMD, HA, PRF) used in dental surgery – Video

Video: Current state on biologics (EMD, HA, PRF) with Prof Sculean, Prof Pilloni, Prof Ghanaati, Prof Fickl

“Title: Current state on biologics (EMD, HA, PRF) used in dental surgery – pre-clinical and clinical presentations and discussions.”

Speakers: Prof Stefan Fickl (moderator), Prof Anton Sculean, Prof Andrea Pilloni, Prof Shahram Ghanaati

Date: 05.10.2021

Language: English

Subtitles: English, French, Italian


Hard and soft oral tissue regeneration implies the careful orchestration of scaffolds, cells, and signaling agents. The term “biologics” is often used to refer broadly to biological signaling agents such as Enamel Derived Matrix (EMD), Hyaluronic Acid (HA), and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF).

These biologics present a wide range of properties relevant for wound healing and regeneration following periodontal and/or oral surgery. Scientific and clinical data have recently provided substantial evidence for using EMD, HA, and PRF in conjunction with periodontal and oral regenerative surgery.

The purpose of this round table is to provide a critical update on the preclinical and clinical evidence for EMD, HA, and PRF in various scenarios including treatment of gingival recessions, intrabony, and furcation defects. Three world-renowned experts will summarize the available pre-clinical and clinical evidence and draw conclusions on the clinical relevance of these concepts for hard and soft oral tissue regeneration.

The session will be followed by questions and answers to further explore the clinical use of these biologic concepts.