Barrier membrane
Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR), Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)
10x10mm, 15x20mm, 20x30mm, 30x40mm
Native porcine pericardium

Why use the resorbable membrane Smartbrane ?

What do you expect from a resorbable membrane?

  • Handling – adaptable to the bony surface without sticking on both sides
  • Barrier – resorption time of 8-12 weeks [1] that can even be extended with Hyadent BG [1,8].
  • Pure – innovative processing technology that results in a biocompatible membrane
  • Sizes – from mini to large

Smartbrane is a resorbable membrane made of native porcine pericardium that features all benefits of a modern native collagen membrane [2].

What makes Smartbrane special?

Adaptable to bony surface without sticking

The proprietary cleaning process using supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) gently removes unwanted materials (e.g., cells, lipids) while preserving the natural collagen matrix and optimizing the natural cross-linking of the collagen fibers [2,3]. This allows simple membrane handling (dry and wet) and leads to high mechanical strength and a resorption time of up to 12 weeks providing adequate barrier function for use in standard GBR cases [4].

Innovative processing to deliver high purity

  • Porcine pericardium membrane biocompatibility results in adequate barrier functionality [4]
  • The natural collagen matrix plays an important role in blood clotting and enables cell attachment [5,6]

Sizes ready for your extraction socket as well for large sites.

How to use Smartbrane?

It is simple:

  • On any side
  • Dry or wet
  • Application of Hyadent BG can significantly reduce the degradation rate in compromised situations (in vivo trial with diabetic and healthy rats) [7]
  • With sutures and pins when needed


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