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Cross-linked hyaluronic acid in oral reconstructive procedures Virginie Monnet Corti, Prof Anton Sculean, Prof Darko Bozic, Dr Georges Khoury


Start September 15, 2022 at 10:30 AM




Palais du Pharo, Marseille, France

Corp Forum of Cross-linked hyaluronic acid in oral reconstructive procedures Virginie Monnet Corti, Prof Anton Sculean, Prof Darko Bozic, Dr Georges Khoury September 15, 2022 in Palais du Pharo, Marseille, France.

About the event

Hyaluronic acid (HyA), an anionic, non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan structured biomolecule, is a major natural component of the extracellular matrix in many tissues including the skin, joints, eyes, and periodontium. Physiochemically and biologically, HyA is hygroscopic, viscoelastic, bacteriostatic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-edematous. It significantly stimulates clot formation, induces angiogenesis, and increases osteogenesis.

A novel high molecular, cross-linked formulation (xHyA) has recently been shown to enhance the proliferative, migratory and wound healing properties of cell types involved in soft tissue wound healing following regenerative periodontal surgery, induces the growth of osteoprogenitors and maintains their stemness, thus potentially regulating the balance between self-renewal and differentiation during bone regeneration following reconstructive oral surgeries.

The aim of the present symposium is to summarize, in three consecutive lectures, the current biologic and clinical evidence on the use of cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel in various oral reconstructive surgical procedures.

The available evidence from preclinical and clinical studies indicates that :

  1. xHyA promotes periodontal wound healing/regeneration in intrabony-, recession and furcation defects and improves the outcomes of regenerative surgery in intrabony defects and recession coverage procedures.
  2. The combination of xHyA with various types of bone grafting materials may additionally improve the outcomes of regenerative periodontal surgery in complex clinical scenarios.
  3. Very recent clinical observations have also pointed to the potential clinical benefit of using xHyA in Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR).


Price : Entry fee at the CED – IADR congress

Program Timeline

Corp Forum is during 3 day(s) from September 15, 2022 to September 15, 2022.

It start at 10:30 AM.


Marseille, France

Pr Virginie Monnet-Corti

Chairwoman – Professor and Head of the Department of Periodontology of the University Hospital, Marseille

Bern, Switzerland

Pr Anton Sculean

Professor and Chairman, Department of Periodontology, Head of the Dental Research Center (DRC), University of Bern

Zagreb, Croatia

Pr Darko Bozic

Associate Professor at the Department of Periodontology, School of Dental Medicine, Zagreb

Paris, France

Dr Georges Khoury

President of European Dental School (E.D.S.), Director of Postgraduate Program Advanced Implantology and Bone Reconstruction, Dept. of Oral Implantology Paris, Rothschild Hospital

Informations about location

Palais du Pharo