Il grande rialzo crestale fluidodinamico del seno mascellare – Corso


9 April, 2022 ¦


Fluid Dynamic Transcrestal Sinus Floor Elevation


Saturday 9 April 9:00am – 17:30 pm

09:00 am

  • The choice between the elevation with a crestal approach and with a lateral approach in consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of both techniques according to the most recent scientific literature;
  • The fluid dynamic sinus lift;
  • Diagnosis and surgery planning with diagrams, images and videos.

10.30 am Coffee Break

11.00 am

  • Presentation of the tecnique Fluid Dynamic Flusilift;
  • Discussion and evaluation of biomaterials that can be use with the Flusilift technique;

12.30 am Lunch Break

13.30 pm:

  • Cross linked Hyaluronic Acid Scientific Litterature in dental surgery as a bone sostitute;
  • Advantages of hyaluronic acid associated with the fluid dynamic transcrestal sinus floor elevation;

15.00 pm

  • Clinical cases pre-post operative CBCT and follow up after 3 years
  • Discussion of clinical cases

17:30 pm Q&A End of the program